Our Services

Simplify with style, Beautify on a budget

Whether you are planning to sell your home, re-organize and de-clutter, or just need a quick ‘facelift’, Show Offs Home Staging will work with a flexible plan for you. Simplifying your style, beautifying on your budget.

Our goal is to maximize the potential of your home while minimizing the amount of money you spend.

bedAt Show Offs Home Staging, we will work with you to make sure your home is sparkling, attractive, organized and in excellent shape to appeal to the most home buyers possible. Don’t leave your home undervalued because it lacks emotional appeal.

People view homes with a checklist in mind, but they buy primarily because of an emotional connection. Let us help you get the most you can get in the shortest time possible.

Experts know that home staging can make a huge, positive difference in a home that sells and one that languishes on the market for a long time.

Why do you need a home stager?

Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for more money, giving you a bigger profit.

  • Photos of staged homes look better in print and internet advertising. Your listing will stand out from the competition.
  • Agents recognize staged homes as properties ready to sell and are more receptive to showing homes that are staged.
  • Buyers and building inspectors view staged homes as homes that are well maintained and updated.
  • Appraisers are more likely to appraise staged homes at full value.
  • The cost of staging is a fraction of the benefits of selling faster and for the highest possible price.

Our services include:


You will get a minimum 2 hour visit from me while I go through your home, first with you, the seller, then on my own. Free on the spot furniture rearranging suggestions included. The C.S.P. Room Ready Handbook will be completed and left with you, explaining the changes I advise and the necessary updating required.

This alone is going to show your home closer to its natural potential!

Reducing the Stress

Show Offs takes the pressure off you!

Help with arranging and implementing all the chores needed for your home to sell with less stress, thereby keeping your sanity and energy for the finer things in life, like family, friends, hobbies and peaceful quiet time. (Spoken like a true nurse, eh?)

The Staging Experience

When it’s time to update, rearrrange, accessorize just before photos or showings, Show Offs can come to the rescue! We will accentuate the ‘lifestyle’ that the home’s nature posesses and appeal to the younger, target market.  Simplifying with style, beautifying on your budget. Our goal is to have anyone viewing your photos or walking through, be thrilled that they won’t have to change a thing! That’s an offer for you at the price you want!

Home Organization

You don’t have to be selling your home to appreciate the feel of a calm, attractive interior.
Many people have let go of their grasp on the control of their home environment. The clutter controls them!

We offer a wide range of residential Organizing and Decorating services. From closets and paper clutter, to whole home make-overs, services are based on the needs of each individual client or family. Create beautifully organized spaces in your home with a little help from Show Offs.  Call or email for a complementary home assessment.

Using the code of ethics under the Professional Organizers of Canada, I help you bring back the peace that you need to feel when you come home, sweet home.

First Timers

My most valuable asset to my clients is my ability to find the gold nuggets in a pile of sand and pebbles. I have a knack for shopping for the ‘bargain of bargains’ or the ‘great score’.
I have decorated several of my friends’ homes for $100 in accessories, and they receive generous compliments on their décor!
I’ve found this to be a great asset for ‘first- time- away- from- homers’, that have to inherit their furnishings from family and friends. Anything can be updated with the proper accessorizing. My skill and talents really show off in this field of design. That’s value for YOU!

Does your family have:

  • Loved ones living in an area remote from where you live, who need support in downsizing?
  • Difficulty because you can’t decide what to keep, sell or discard?
  • Someone who has the need to downsize to a smaller residence?
  • Decisions about how to divide, dispose or sell the family “treasures”?
  • Parents who need to relocate, but can’t move themselves?
  • Elders who aren’t able to part with many of their items?

Elderly Relative who needs assistance?

  • Save tons of time by having us review items to keep, sell or discard.
  • Have us assist with emotional issues regarding item disputes or recommending solutions.
  • Let us make effective moving arrangements for your parents or yourself.
  • Ease your worries about how the folks at home are transitioning to the smaller place.
  • Rely on caring people to look after the move, just as you would.