Rogers Cable TV Stars!

Yes, folks, the Smith-Ansell household will never be the same with two, count’em TWO TV stars under one roof.

I will be appearing on Grey County Life tomorrow morning. I will be interviewed about home staging as part of my Show Offs Home Staging and Organizing identity. I will be on for a 9 minute segment. My topic will be home staging for this show, but I will return for more topics on organizing and time management in future episodes. Look out for that.

The second big head in the household will be my sweet husband Jim. He’s been asked to speak on the fundraiser happening this Saturday night Nov 12, 2011 for Summerfolk. It’s called Singing for Summerfolk and starts at 7pm at St Thomas Anglican Church on 4th Ave West in Owen Sound. Come early, because it’s going to be a packed house!