5 Small Steps to Start your Holiday Season

I just can’t help it! I have to start writing about the season. The blanket of snow outside my front porch is so beautiful at the moment, while I’m cozy in my robe. I’m allowed, today, because I just finished my 2 12 hour night shifts at the hospital. This 5 day-off segment is going to be packed full of both business and social activities.

I’ve been surfing and reading about the trends in holiday decorating for 2011, and none of it really surprises me.

This year you will see a blend of both silver and gold together in the same setting.

Bling, bling, bling! I love both, although I’ve been using silver the past few years.

This early in the season, there are a few things that you can do to get a head start on your holiday decor. Remember, think of the small steps, the tasks, rather than the whole project at hand.

1. A simple wreath in either natural green or pure white will show your neighbours that you’re in the spirit already.

2. The next time you’re in any store that has Christmas decor,  take a stroll down the aisle,  just for a look at what’s happening.

3. Have a peek at your boxes of last year’s decorations.  Are there things that you’ve tired of? If they don’t represent the holiday that you want this year, take a box over to your donation store. Someone else will surely enjoy them.

4. Personally, I wait for Dec 1 to put up my tree, but now is the time to start de-cluttering that space. Don’t add to the decor, replace instead. Simplify, simplify!

5. If you choose to send greeting cards this year, get out your address book, update it by checking the white pages on your computer for postal codes, addresses, etc. New friends this year? Business contacts? You may want to add them to your list. Just sayin’!