Bling Bling Bling!

Tis the Season of light! What that means to your home is reflection, brightness, shiny bling, candle light, glitter.

Sprinkle with Twinkle”

Why are we so attracted to sparkles, shine, dazzle and light? Because they’re beautiful and eye-catching. I believe in adding lights to plants, adding garland to balconies, adding tea light candles to wine glasses. Anything to bring pizazz to the space by just small doses of “sprinkle” to make your house “twinkle”.

Lights, silver, action! Holiday parties, dinners, gift exchanges, tree trimming, wrapping, baking, shopping. Away we go!

Decorating your space in the spirit of the season helps you get into the mood. If you haven’t done anything yet, book your time slot! Get it done. Believe me, it will be worth the effort. You will feel caught up to your friends, family and neighbours by that mere task.

Add bling with silver and gold on your tree, and lots and lots of white lights. Glass ornaments abound this year. Reflection is bling. This season the combination of silver and gold is seen with designers everywhere. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Add bling to your dining room with white candles in glass candlesticks, perhaps a trifle bowl full of silver or gold ornaments. Re-pour your rye and rum into glass or crystal decanters. I buy them from the thrift stores.

Add bling by putting out your glassware, stemware, on your dining sideboard as if you’re ready for the party! I bought some silver chargers from the dollar store today. $2 a piece!

Here’s my Christmas tree. It warms the spirit to put your tree up, believe me, if you haven’t done it already, book the time and play your favourite holiday tunes, and voila!

There are tons of great silver and gold ornaments and holiday items at the dollar store. I’ve got to get out there again today.

Ok, I’m back. I love the dollar store! I will show you my kitchen for the next post.

Have you added any bling yet?