2011 can go straight to …

I just got home from a busy 12 hour shift. A busy one in which the alarm bells and whistles of patient calls, IV machines, cardiac monitors will be in my new years dreams tonight, I’m sure. Straight into the hot tub with a glass of wine went I after disrobing from the grimy germy uniform.

As I sat in the soupy lather, listening to Dan Mangan on the outdoor speakers,  I contemplated the year from beginning to end.

My new year started in Toronto, where I witnessed the scene after the first stabbing of the year. It was a balmy evening, just like this one, and it took us 2 hours to get home by packed streetcar to the Beaches. The streetcar crowd was singing ‘Build me up, Buttercup’ and ‘Hey Jude’ at the top of our lungs. Admittedly,  fun was had.

Since then, all in all, I can remember more bad times than good this year, with relationship issues with family members and friends in their own crises. As a close friend of mine put it once- “Just thank the Universe you’re just the supporting actress instead of the starring role in these dramas”. There were times that were not bad, spent trying to make these count as the good times, just because they weren’t the bad times.

I have been told, and agree, that I am an optimist and have a cheery disposition, but sometimes I feel that I’m not as good a supporting actress if I have too many stars to support all at once. We all got through it OK, albeit a bit bruised.

When we talk about New Years Resolutions, all I can think about is that I resolve to live in the present, not to repeat 2011and to embrace 2012 as the year that could!  This year will be a new year. It will be better. I just  know it.Don’t you? That’s the optimist in me, through and through!

So my toast to this new year is that 2011 can go straight to *%###*”(BLEEP)!

Here’s to 2012: The year that could!