How To De-Clutter a Room


De-cluttering and organizing your home is not about getting rid of everything. It’s about surrounding yourself with the things that speak to you, make you feel happy, and reflect the person that you are.

Make the appointment and keep it!

Respect yourself enough to show up. Respect yourself enough to keep the appt like you would respect your friend, co-worker, business associate, or your Dr, Hair dresser, child’s teacher, etc. Why not? You are just as important as they are to your life.

Gather equipment. A donate box, and/or clear plastic bag, a dump bag and/or box, and a delegate bin. This is for those things that are going to another room or place like a garage or storage space.

Turn on some music.

Set the timer for 20 minutes.

Listen to the ticking to focus on the task.

Zone in on one area at a time. You’re keeping only the items that have a home and deserve that prime real estate.

Honour the item if it does.

Use it or lose it.

Use your good things now.

It’s not the end of the world if you have to replace a piece or two.

Donate, Delegate, Dump   Remove to containers. Don’t think long about each item.

Designate a permanent donate container. This is especially useful in the closet.

Sort like with like.  You will eventually designate zones for items that are alike. This makes things easier to find. I know if something is a paper, it’s in my office zone.

Acknowledge your progress – even if you don’t do it perfectly. Focus on what you ARE doing.

Reward yourself: You choose! When the timer goes off, decide if you’re on a roll, and keep up the momentum, or reward yourself with a break, even if it’s just a stop for a cup of tea with your feet up. But time the break also, if you plan on doing more. When I’m involved with a task, it seems that I work beyond the 20 minutes, and