Organizing for your Health


You’ve heard them. Other peoples resolutions.

Some of us want to lose weight. Some vow to save money.  Some want to be more organized or make their business grow in 2012, some just need to live healthier.

Some want all of the above!

Maybe secretly, you do too.

If this is in fact so, pick one goal or resolution, and focus on it for 30 days. Just one, please!

Let’s say we start with organizing for several reasons:

Organizing can improve so many aspects of your life, including helping you to live a healthy lifestyle.That’s two, two, goals in one!

I’m an RN in a small ER department, so I have vested interest in this two in one goal.

Start with organizing, and watch how the next goal and the next goal just fall into place.

Being organized reduces stress

The biggest cause of stress, when it gets right down to it, is RESISTING CHANGE. Change is inevitable, as we know, and require us to make decisions in our lives. My definition of hell on earth is having a big decision to make and not having made it yet.

Clutter represents postponed decisions!

BP’s taken before and after a person bets on a horse race at the track, showed significant increase before, then normalizing after the bet was placed. And the race hasn’t started yet! Think about it. Decision’s postponed.

One of the reasons I respect my shopping time, is that, not only are you walking on, perhaps, not the best shoes for a work-out, but everything you pick up has decisions attached to it. Do I like it? Would it make my life better? Can I justify the CPU? (cost per use). Is it worth trying on? Does it come in my size?  (Now you’re looking for something again).

Decisions postponed causes stress. Stress causes illness.

Being organized gives you time to eat right.

You will have the time you need (and you don’t need hours) to eat well-balanced, home-cooked, homemade, healthy meals. You’ll shop with picking healthy foods in mind. You’ll book your time to pack them up in snack sized quantities. You will make your shopping list according to a menu plan. This saves time and dollars!

Being organized gives you time to exercise

We spend up to an hour a day, looking for things. Don’t believe it? Add the computer, your purse, and the fridge.  Ahh, the 1st world problems of today!  The first three things to go when a person is too busy, or just managing their time poorly are friends, exercise and paperwork.

You can easily build exercise into your daily routine–no matter how busy you are. You’re going to make an appointment with yourself for that.

Being organized reduces accidents

Trippage, falls, fires from paper files, candles, computer, etc. Spillage,  and also clobberage from above. I’m an ER nurse. I know how accidents happen. We sutured a 9 yr old with knife wound in his chest recently because he was running with a bag full of hangers. He was helping his sister move into an apartment. He fell onto the bag, and lo and behold, stood up with a knife in his chest! Luckily, he wasn’t badly hurt, and the knife didn’t penetrate his chest, but didn’t that throw a ‘knife’ into the moving day chaos!

Being organized allows you to breathe better

It’s very difficult to clean when there’s clutter strewn about. When you’re organized, you can quickly and easily dust and vacuum, without obstacles. Otherwise those dust mites are there, causing allergy symptoms to you and those you live with.

Being organized can make you and others happier

Perhaps you are late for things, your family has to look for things, you cause your daughter to always be late for practice, dance, hockey etc. Your boss might be angry that you can’t find something or get things done on deadline. Less stress and less conflict with family.members.

When you make Organizing your first resolution, you’ll find that the next goals will fall into place before you know it.

Have a healthy January!