Your Closet: Have a Party!

 You’re looking at your closet and wondering how you can sever the ties that bind, purge the plethora of the unknown, make room for the look you want for the person you are NOW. You have a small space, likely, and need to use that space as efficiently as possible to save time in the morning and in the evening.

What if you were having a party and you only have a small room to entertain in? That’s how I like to look at my closet. Your clothes are the invited guests.

 Ask yourself if each item is a:

Friend, Acquaintance, or a Stranger

Who are you going to invite to the small space?

Create an invite list.

Be vigilant on what things you allow to enter your life. This includes your friends doesn’t it?

The invitation list has to come within certain parameters when you have a small space:

1.     Size Matters.  Too big or too small a size, or waiting until you are that size again? They are there to mock you! Dress for now, if it doesn’t fit, it needs to disappear.  If you lose weight and a few sizes, you DESERVE new clothes.

2.     They have to fit in. Certain items of clothing you would wear if they didn’t pucker, or make your tummy or behind look ‘this-way’ ‘or that-way’.  These need to go. You only want clothes that make you feel and look good.

3.     They can’t be outdated. Haven’t worn them in a year? How do you know for sure? Peter Walsh’s tip is my favourite because it’s easy. Turn all your hangers backward. After you wear something, replace it on the rack forward. Now look at your hangers in 6 months when you’re changing over seasons. Purge them. If and when those styles come into fashion again, be assured that new colours and textures will be used by current designers.

4.     They have to be a good influence. Remember your mother telling you that ‘you are who your friends are’. Every time you put it on you get asked if you feel tired. Truth is, you are tired of the item. Then it just sits in your closet

5.     They should be in season Decide, depending upon space, if you need a place to keep out of season clothes. A plastic container, or an unused suitcase can work well for these. Winter clothes get of the way as soon as it’s May! I keep a bulky sweater in white or cream handy for those cool summer nights.

6.     Cliques  Sort like colours together: This will help you see what colors you have in your closet. Is it all black? Black, being a minimizing color, is what every woman needs, but you might consider looking into other colors to accessorize your wardrobe that work for YOU.

7.     Treat your guest list well. No wire hangers for your clothes that have earned their place on your list! Give them the honour they deserve. They made the list after all!

Every party is over at some point, but your closet will keep on dancing with you if you maintain it well. Have a permanent donate bin or bag in your closet so you can toss items into it immediately when you have the whim to do so.

Your closet will love you and you will save time, energy, and yes, money!