Hot Tub Dilemma-A ‘first world problem’.

Good Grief!

I got out of the car at home to my spouse at the open back door, phone receiver in hand, yelling out to me: The hot tub is going to cost $700 plus GST to fix this time! What do you want me to say? Decision time!

To recap: I bought this old hot tub from a friend who bought it from a local hottub dealer when they used to rent them out. It has history. A life. Secrets. Lots of bromine to wash them away. I’ve enjoyed it during it’s working periods almost every day from October to May, even twice a day on my days off. I love nothing better to do after a 12 hour shift than to bask in it’s steam and heat. It’s my mini stay-cation. I have coloured  caribbean Christmas lights slung around the clothesline beside it. We have outdoor speakers. We have a chiminea that I light with dollarama fire-starter logs. We have outdoor speakers! Need I say more? A little piece of heaven, and I, the floating angel in the hot flowing water.

He ended up telling the electrician that I’d get back to him.

After an hour or so of tossing the tub dans ma tate, here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Another $700 is just a drop in the bucket for what this thing has cost us over the years. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t owe us anything financially. We got it for a bargain and have ended up paying over the years the same amount as we would have if we bought a new one. By now, 5 years later, it would be old also.
  2. Let the tub go, let the tub go! Other people survive and even thrive without one, why can’t I?
  3. What if I take that money I could have spent and run? That chunk could pay my way ‘almost’ to an all inclusive vacation in the caribbean with my girlfriends. (I’m going to California in April with my man Jim, so the gf trip would be a bonus)
  4. I just started Weight Watchers on Wednesday. One of the huge bonuses of this program is that after I’ve spent the bucks, there’s no going back. Too bad I value money more than anything to give me the incentive to lose weight seriously. Anyway, I plan on exercising more, therefore I want a nice hot tub.
  5. Our bathroom has an older lower tub. I don’t have a soaker tub. That goes with the bathroom makeover. (Which should be done sooner than later in case I see a house perfect for us and our retirement and want to scoop it up). I am always seeing houses for sale in my business, so the temptation is always there! I don’t know how realtors stay put in their homes if they aren’t perfect for their needs.

If I really enjoy the tub when it’s working, Then why don’t I just get a guarantee that I have a working hottub? A new hottub! I saw one that is the exact same size. If installation is free, then it’s worth it. Isn’t it?

Just a little more research. I’m posting this so that I can get some feedback. If you have a hottub, what do you like about it? Why is it worth it to you? When do you enjoy it? Is it worth giving up other joys in life, like a winter vacation, if financially that doesn’t sit right with your goals? Ahhh! First world problems!!!!