The first 3 things to go…

Apparently the first 3 things to ‘GO’ when a person is too busy are:




So let’s look at each one of these for ideas for improvement, or any way to keep the appointments with ourselves, our friends, our exercise, our paperwork.

Friends: Social media is a great way to get in touch with your friends, check out what they’re into, what they’re reading, and how they are in general. Touch them further with a private message. Make an appointment to meet and keep it!

Exercise: I don’t know about you, but my schedule doesn’t have much of a routine to it. The winter is a little subduing to the choices and incentive. Some of my friends walk at the indoor community center a few times a week. Better than nothing, if you’re a walker who doesn’t like the cold. If you’re lucky enough to have room for an exercise machine in your home, place it so that you can view a TV program. The time will fly!  If you’re like me an the only exercise you enjoy is biking and dancing, then Zumba class might be a great idea. Gather a few friends to join you for this one. That will make it double the fun!

Again, make the appointment. If your schedule is like mine, then find the time a enter it into your calendar. Now to practice what I preach!

Paperwork: Have you heard of the old “OHIO” ? Only Handle It Once. Create a place in front of your computer to open your mail, bills, etc. with a paper shredder and a waste paper basket at arms throw away. Paying your bills online saves tons of time!

Trimming the F.A.T. of paperwork entails taking each piece and deciding which action it needs: Filing it, Acting on it, or Tossing it. 

This is the shelf above my desk in my office. Design and decor magazines are important enough to find a place for them.

Filing could mean placing the paper in your file drawer immediately, or possibly even placing it on the bulletin board on the wall above the computer for reminder. Visual people need these reminders, but warning! Eventually, you just don’t ‘see’ it anymore if there is no upkeep to the board. I use a magazine holder for my in box. Vertical is visual, horizontal is hidden!

Acting on it could mean paying the bill online, making the phone call you need to make to question it, or writing a response immediately. The piece could go in your in box to be worked on in your next 20 minute segment that you book. This action is your to do list, lets face it.

Tossing it is just that. While you’re filing, you can remove the folder you are filing into and toss the oldest papers that pertain to the same account or subject, etc in the waste.

February and March are relatively indoor months, so why not hunker down and make appointments for your Exercise, your Paperwork and your Friends, as the reward for the former two?