Simmer into a Balanced Summer!

As the summer moves along, I’ve realized that the reason time goes so fast for us is that we are busy human beings who are doing rather than being. This isn’t a revelation for me. I can call it ‘busy’ but I know it’s been busy with social, family, home life and work life as well as business activities. Balance is again the answer and the reason that I feel good, although a little weary.

This living room is a waterfront cottage that I staged back in June for renters by the week. We needed to simplify with style, and beautify on a budget. It turned out brighter and airier and the client loved it. The outdoor chairs were red so that dictated the colours inside as I love bringing the outside in and vice versa. Ahhhh, to watch the sunrise with coffee in hand on the deck, or curl up to read a book on the sofa!

The point is, this job seems like ages ago to me, because there’s been so much water under the bridge, per se, since then.

Happy summer, all you readers! I’m off to another couple of folk festivals, and 2 weddings that will keep my summer exciting and ‘busy’. Who’s complaining?