Opening soon!

Hi there people.

Sorry it has been a while since I wrote. This nursing job of mine keeps getting in the way of my ‘other’ life. I guess it’s called balance.

Where do I start?

At the end of this month a new chapter in our lives begin. A new opportunity for me to show my creativity and bargain-finding expertise, a new spot for the lucky residents of Owen Sound to check out.

Show Offs Home Stuff!

It’s new and nearly new…shabby chic…retro…mid-mod…home decor and consignment furniture.

Who would have thunk it?

I’m getting excited for our opening and even more for our ‘Grand Opening’ which we hope to be around Halloween. After all, we have decorated our walls with orange and black, so let’s go for it.

When you walk into our store you will be first greeted with the fun and funky Bleeding Carrot Juice Bar and vegetarian eatery run by my amazing husband Jim. Enjoy enzyme rich anti-oxidant juices and smoothies and delicious raw vegan entrees and desserts!

Haley, my talented Tatoo artist daughter, will be creating a large wall mural this weekend that will dominate the theme. That’s a surprise!

As you walk further into the space, you will notice shelves of intriguing merchandise. New and nearly new home entertainment, gifts and decor items, Retro accessories and consignment furniture. Oh, and a collection of some cool and awesome clothing, purses and jewellery to top it off! It will be a MUST SEE space.

We have a large wall painted black that is set for the stage. Evening entertainment events including music, comedy, poetry, etc. Who knows? The sky is the limit!

It’s all coming together in spite or ourselves, even!

I will let you all know when we open our doors to the public. Stand in line!!!!