Hot Decor Trends for 2013


Get a jump-start with trends forecast to be hot in 2013.

  • Watch for Yellow to replace pink (Pantone Tangerine)
  • Pattern prints will return strong – especially with white backgrounds – look for massive floral prints with white backdrops.
  • Don’t be matchy-matchy but try to clash with your fabrics – throw together stripes, floral prints, hand sketches, geometrics – use lots of colors and textures together. Look for African, Mexican, Bulgarian designs.
  • Use your sense of Touch. Engage all the senses. Look for sand and stone colors to prevail. Mix white, beige and neutrals together so that texture is king. Beach wood, knits, cords, robe, hard and soft, suede – you get the point.
  • The mushroom form will add humor and whimsy and should be quite popular.
  • Watch the return of handcrafted items, embroidery and knitting. But think LARGE scale – massive and impressive.
  • We’ll see a re-emergence of stripes and squares. Think bold red and white and gingham mixed together.
  • Look for artwork to be more handmade and rough – even reproductions and photos of handmade items.
  • Look to add in a whimsical element (clowns, mimes, oversized bowties, mustaches and more). Use these items out of context for a bold statement.
  • Pull out your scarves that you no longer wear and weave them into your decorating – flowing off of things.
  • Leave trim work unfinished and natural.
  • Watch the return of African influences: black and white mixes, monochrome geometrics, red and white stripes.
  • Enjoy the growing trend in calligraphy and hand sketching – put lettering everywhere and in unexpected places (like ceilings).
  • As our population ages, continue to see the mixing of old with new – a classic traditional ornamental sofa with a modern fabric you would normally never combine – but now you can.