Pantry Organizing and money saving to boot!

I found this great tip on a money-saving blog, but I thought that it was a great organizing article also. Now, I’m going to make the appointment to do it, because as we know, that’s the first and most important step in any organizing process!


Pull everything out of your pantry.
Pull every single foodstuff you have in your pantry out on the table. You’ll probably need the floor, too. Empty out your cupboards as well, and even your refrigerator and freezer.
The goal is to get a real look at all of the food you already have on hand in your home. For most North Americans, it’s a lot of food.
Now, start planning meals and finding recipes that use all of this stuff. If you have tons of spices and flour and canned vegetables and soups and other things, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with ways to use all of this food for meals.

Whenever you come up with a recipe for a meal, set all of the ingredients for that meal aside with a sticky note that indicates what the meal you’re going to make with it actually is. If you’re splitting ingredients, note that on your sticky notes.
You’ll probably be able to come up with dozens and dozens of meals by doing this. After that, come up with a meal plan using all of those meals. Make a long list of all of the meals you have stuff for, then put the ingredients back in your pantry with the ingredients for the meals you plan to make soon near the front and the other ingredients further back.
Then, just follow that meal plan list. On a given day, look at the top few, choose one, make it, and cross it off the list.
You should be able to go a very long time without having to go to the grocery store for anything other than a handful of perishable staples, like milk or eggs or fresh fruit and veggies. For the next few months, you just slashed your grocery bill by more than half. Now, let’s slash it some more.