Recipe hoarding, solved!

Recipe Chaos–Solved!

Today I found a recipe for crock pot tortellini soup. I cut it out of the magazine and stuck it in a pocket divider in my recipe binder to use soon.

Do you have a good system for those temporary recipes you’ve been wanting to try?

I have a Recipe Binder. It’s a 3-ring binder. Each section has a 3-hole punched pocket folder labeled with a category name, such as Appetizers, Soups, Main Dishes, etc.

If it’s a recipe I haven’t tried yet, it goes into the appropriate pocket folder. My only rule is that I don’t allow myself to keep more than 10 ‘un-tried’ recipes. This way, there’s not a lot of recipe clutter in the binder.

When I try it out, if it’s good enough to make again, the paper gets 3-hole punched and is then placed in the binder rings behind the appropriate folder. (Note: If the recipe is small, it gets taped to a standard sheet of paper, and the sheet of paper gets 3-hold punched.)

If it’s not good enough to make again, the recipe gets recycled.

This is a super easy way to ensure variety at mealtimes, it prevents piles of untried recipes, AND it keeps all the recipes I’d like to make again organized!