Grammy Award

599418_10151507065923936_582445378_nAnd the Grammy award goes to…..!
I know I have the cutest newborn grandson in the world, born 10lbs 1 oz on March 23, 2013.
His name is Knox.
He’s perfect.
Which gives me the honour of a Grammy award in itself, doesn’t it?
I’ve started a facebook group called Gram I Am, but I don’t know how to get it going as a discussion. I don’t mean it to be all about my grandson. I want all grandparents to write their musings and post pictures.

Anyway, doesn’t this distract me from my other hobbies, like the store, and staging homes, and searching out amazing pieces?

He’s my new obsession. This photo was taken after he tooted. This is the tail end of the relief smile!

I’m going to have so much fun!