Retro Sofa set

DSCF0399A true find! After searching for months for a retro couch for the store, I found this one at the Salvation Army thrift store in Woodstock, Ont.

I won’t even say what a bargain it was, but the staff that helped me load it into the van commented on how this was the best set in the place. Doesn’t it go well with the coffee table? This display sits beside the piano at the end of the dining area of the store, per se.

These days it’s used mostly for Haley to lounge around while my grandson Knox is sleeping. Goodness knows, when he’s awake we can’t lounge! He has to be carried around in the snuggly for his constant amusement!

My desk is right behind the couch, so if you come on in we can have a nice chat while I pretend to be working. Don’t tell the Bleeding Carrot staff!