Summer Decorating to last all year!

File0032752Decorating for Summer

Finally those months we’ve been waiting for are here!

Wouldn’t you love to keep that feel all year long?

The look and feel of your home will have much to do with your comfort, believe it or not.

Here are some tips:

Look for light and airy treatments that make your rooms feel cooler.
Introduce lots of whites into the room, or cool blues and greens.
Remove those bright yellow and orange and teal throw pillows in favor of ones with cool colors.
Warm colors will make a room feel “happy” but they also will make you feel warmer just looking at the colors.
Buy some white or pastel slipcovers for over your sofa, occasional chairs, dining room chairs and so forth. By removing that heavier feeling of dark furniture, you’ll be amazed at how much cooler you feel – not that you actually are cooler – just that you will feel cooler and so much of what we feel is controlled by our minds.
Change out that darker, heavier comforter on your bed for a lightweight, cool, pastel one.

White is the absolute best for lifting a room and making it feel airy.
Get out your pastel accessories and sprinkle around your home too. Remove anything that is red, yellow, orange or a combination of these “hot” colors.
Trade out those heavy drapes for sheers that soften and make a room feel airy. Just be sure to keep your shades closed during the hottest hours of the day. The rest of the time, open the windows and let the breeze filter in and blow your sheers. Heavenly.
Reduce the number of furnishings in a room to open it up. Release the room from feeling oppressed.
Buy nautical accessories and art featuring lakes, fountains and water elements. Change out your photographs to places you’ve visited before that were cool weather spots.