Wow vs Ahh Factor

Staging the Scene

This is what we stagers do when we set up a room.

We are creating a scene that will hopefully give a feeling of calm, of having finally found what they are looking for, of peace and satisfaction.

Sometimes the ‘wow’ factor isn’t a goal, because each of us live in homes that are to our liking in most ways, but that we are used to. We don’t have that wow factor in our own day to day lives when we enter our home. We aren’t striving for it either, no matter how hard we’ve designed and decorated our spaces.

The goal is to give the potential buyer that ‘aaahhh’ factor when they walk into a room. We want to create that ‘finally I found it’ feeling.

It doesn’t take the most contemporary pieces, or the most abstract art, with bling throughout. (Although I do love a bit of drama and bling in the dining room). It doesn’t take the high end stylings of top design pieces.

All it takes is some comfortable pieces mixed with some tasteful artwork that doesn’t depict anyone else’s lifestyles in particular. We show the purpose of a room, and the potential of the space.

The scene is in the mind of the potential buyer. And it is set by the FEEL of the room. That feel hits the client where it counts, and give that ‘aaahhh’ feeling. Like they’ve finally arrived!

Most of my purchases for home staging are still in thrift stores and auctions. I can get nearly new articles at Value Village, Bibles for Missions, and Salvation Army,  and GoodWill thrift stores. Pieces that are fairly contemporary and sometimes fun are easily found and can be incorporated in any home.

I just staged a home with most of the client’s furniture, but with my accessories. It sold in a week! The clients moved out the day before I staged it and left only the items I told them to leave with me. The feedback was amazing! From both realtors and their clients.

I humbly accepted the accolades, but know that it was both the clients and my hard work as a team that really deserve the praise.

My point is, don’t see staging as an all or nothing situation. We can always work with as little budget as available to show the potential of your home. We work as a team, you, me and the realtor. You’re never alone. It’s way more fun than you think! Ask any of my clients!