Purse Purge 

My friend is a mere 5 ft tall yet was carrying this purse around in Montreal!  Bad for the back, neck, and shoulders!  We spied a great smaller purse in a vintage shop. It was a Roots bad with a shoulder strap to cross in front of her and balance out her spine hopefully. And it was only $22!

Here is everything that was stashed in her bag. Another purse even!
 Sitting with her we ( our other friend Margot and I) interviewed her about each item, what she used it for, and how often. We decided that she could keep all her cards in the purse but only the ones she wanted for daily or weekly use on the wallet. She had her birth certificate and her social insurance cards in her purse! Big no-no! She now has them at home filed away safely!

 We were able to edit everything down to these items. She will replace the big brush with a comb.

 Now Bev can feel free and balanced when she’s walking down the street with her new over the shoulder bag!