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Feng Shui Tip for March 2016

Balance Your Home with the 5 Elements of Chi

Balance is key.

Imbalance often leads to negative outcomes; and balance provides positive ones, and the same is true when considering home décor.

One way to achieve balance in your life is by ensuring your home has a healthy balance of the five Feng Shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Rooms should have a balanced representation of each element.

The wood element relates to natural growth and vibrant health. Try incorporating tree branches, wooden bowls, raw wood shelves, and driftwood in your decor. Houseplants are also excellent especially because they also help purify the air. Incorporating rectangular shapes and tones of brown and green into your home will increase the presence of the wood element, as well.
The fire element generates high energy levels, fuels passion, and fosters the expression of creativity. A great way to introduce this element into your home is with candles or extra lighting. You can also decorate with angular shapes like triangles and stars, as these are symbolic of the fire element. As for colours, go for fiery hues of reds, purples, and pinks.

The earth element helps to create feelings of security and stability in your life. You can add beautiful stones and crystals you may have collected, terracotta planters or natural salt rock lamps to infuse Earth energy. You can also decorate with square shapes and sandy or light brown colours.

The metal element helps cultivate strength, focus, and independence. Use metal decorations such as vases, statues, wind chimes and candle holders. Round shapes can also be used as a representation of the metal element, along with the colours white and grey.

The water element is all about wealth, abundance, and fluidity. Putting a bowl full of fresh water with floating candles or beautiful flower petals by your front door will help the flow of money into your home. Fluid shapes, as well as the colours navy blue and black, are another way to incorporate the water element into your décor.

How are you bringing the balance of the 5 Feng Shui elements into your house?

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