Show Offs Home Staging and Organizing is owned and operated by Patti Smith

All about Patti…

As far back as I can remember, I have been in love with the idea of an organized, neat and pretty environment. The line down the middle of the bedroom I shared with my sister was very distinct. My side was tidy and I loved to rearrange my little belongings.
My passion as a very young child was playing with my dollhouse. Playing with the dolls was not nearly as much fun as creating, decorating and rearranging the little plastic furniture that came with it. I found this dollhouse just recently and had to buy it because it’s the exact one I had. Wouldn’t it be a fun challenge for me now!


I graduated in 1978 from Sheridan College in nursing, and have worked as an RN in medical, surgical and emergency wards since then. This career has sharpened my organizational skills, and meeting all kinds of people while working in the emergency dept. has certainly taught me to be nonjudgmental when dealing with their needs and issues.

Although I love my nursing career, I have always dreamed of being an interior designer.  I returned to Sheridan College in the early 80’s for some part time interior design courses. Home staging is an avenue of design that I found to be perfectly suited for me. My adaptable hours in nursing allows me to pursue my business goal and help people reduce their stress by sell their homes faster and for more money! Stress leads to illness. I am providing preventative medicine to keep my clients OUT of the emergency department!

My taste is clutter free, simple and contemporary now, although I have gone through my ‘country chic’ phase, and my ‘Victorian delight’ stage in the succession of homes I have owned.

I became a Certified Canadian Staging Professional in December 2006. That education reinforced my belief in the industry of home staging and in my skill, talent and motivation to help home sellers and realtors move forward with their goals.

My personal goal is to incorporate my home staging business as my ‘transition to retirement’ from nursing. The growth and development of Show Offs Home Staging mirrors my dedication to my clients’ own growth and development.



Patti Smith knows how to present your home to potential buyers. This gift she possesses and her passion for her career is obvious by the results.  She did not ask us to get rid of anything, simply pre-pack and store some of it in our garage. We had no idea of the amount of clutter we had! Its removal presented our beautiful home as full of character..  She added some charming accessories like mirrors, pictures, wicker chairs, cushions, etc  It was a very low fee to behold a spacious, redecorated home to put on the market!  Thanks, Patti!

Carol and Ken