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Tiny Master

The width of this larger bedroom of a two bedroom house was a mere 6’4″  we had to show that there was a way that a queen sized bed could indeed fit in the space



Abbeyfield Retirement House Show Off Room!

DSCF3450 DSCF3485DSCF3490DSCF3484 DSCF3489 DSCF3445 DSCF3486 DSCF3492 DSCF3494A staged vacant room in a retirement home called Abbeyfield, Durham. There are several Abbeyfield homes throughout Ontario, providing affordable living including meals. Abbeyfield Durham has 14 rooms with some availabilities right now! There’s plenty of closet space and room enough for shelving units, dressers, TV cabinets, desk area, sitting area and more! The window views are serene and full of nature. The great news is that there are plans for a NEW Abbeyfield house in Owen Sound, Ontario as well!