Before and Afters

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Before and Afters of past jobs. Our mandate is to simplify with style, and beautify on a budget. We work with what you have and help edit where appropriate to appeal to the largest # of people viewing your property, online or in person. As realtors are aware, vacant listings just don’t show the potential of the space. Showing off a lifestyle helps us picture ourselves living in the space. These photos will show you how we’ve done just that!

Vacant listing. Open concept living room.

Office-guest room

The clients exchanged their cottage bedding with the home for sale`s master bedding to lighten this room and show off the space.

The basement media room was taken over by this sectional until we moved it around to open up the pathway. Voila!

Yes, paint again comes to the rescue!

A house for sale converts the grandbaby room to a light serene guest room on a budget.

What can I say about paint that is any surprise. The oak is now dated. Bathrooms should be as spa-like as possible!

A dated living room in a high end neighbourhood gets a contemporary facelift.

Another. room left neglected by the client. This is an amazingly large dining room!

We used the stools from upstairs, and a portable bar, to show off this corner as an entertaining spot for the adults.

By creating zones for activity areas in the family room, the potential for lifestyle is unleashed!

Master makeover by lightening and brightening.

An unused bedroom cleared out.

Before, an office, now shown as a neutral masculine bedroom, on a budget. No money spent!

Who knew all this space was there to enjoy.

Corner cupboard clean up!

The client took the canoe down only after much convincing. A Home Stager`s dream!

Large open concept living room to focal point sitting.

Bachelor Bedroom to a touch of class.

 Using only what the client had in other places in the home.

before basement bedroom

after basement bedroom


Show Offs was hired to stage a retirement home room.









A vacant kitchen needs some personality.

A very small living room. We need to show how furniture would be placed in order to relax and entertain. This layout enables the room to remain open looking with the smaller chairs bordering the zone between living and dining rooms.


This room is adjacent to the kitchen, which has no eat in area. Showing the function of a space helps the buyer imagine their lifestyle.

A large master bedroom has a room divider to separate an office area. Function again being the confusion. Now, serene and relaxing as a master bedroom should be!

Not an inviting look for a bathroom. I tend to remove colour and add white to most of my bathrooms, but the client bought the chocolate accessories and voila! Instant class!

This flowery room was certainly overdone with both flowers and furniture. What is the focal point of the room? The large window, which, as shown below, brings light and accents the rooms conversational function.

This is an elderly person’s basement rec-room, dated circa 1960’s. A sofa cover, and some furniture movement, along with painting out the faux beams, were the main changes here.

What to do when you can’t change the wallpaper? Work with it. Not much choice other than accentuating the lightness of white.

An organized closet helped this client realize exactly what clothing she had and helped her appreciate them so much more!

This bedspread below was stored in the closet. A bit of furniture switching and some new lamps and curtains turned this master into a sunny light and bright space!

A mainfloor bedroom converted into an office because there were already 4 bedrooms upstairs. A better lifestyle is depicted with the office as a large room off the living room. Practical!

A tiny laundry room closet was best kept hidden in this state. A coat of white paint and a shower curtain to hide the insulbrick wall and fuse box, etc, now shows it off as the light and practical space it can be.

An unused 3rd bedroom/office shown to it’s best potential.

A little cottage bedroom, neglected from decor. Simple and beachy. All accessories from the cottage or from Sally Ann!

A kitchen eating area against wrought iron stairs. Wrought iron chairs added to make it all seem ‘on purpose’.

Too much happening. Where’s the fireplace?

A hidden alcove behind the head of the bed revealed to find space for a vanity or dresser.

A basement bedroom confuses the buyer until staged to show it’s use.

The clients hated the shape of this fireplace, so the answer is to paint it out so that it almost disappears, balanced off with the lanterns works to detract from the odd shape.

An attic room, too short  for adults, works well shown as a child’s room or playroom.

This is the only spot for a bed in this ‘master’ bedroom, but needed proof that a double could actually fit into it.

This blue colour darkened ad dated this entry foyer. the new colour was taken from the flooring.